Three reasons not to hire divorce lawyers
Between 40 and 50 percent of marriages are more likely to end up in divorce at the end of the queue. Most of these divorce cases go through divorce lawyers because divorce is a very serious matter requiring careful legal action, especially in the case of a marriage involving children or when there are debts and assets between both spouses that need to be managed. On top of that, the emotional stress of both those who are divorcing can be overwhelming and can lead to loss of attention, and so many believe that having a divorce lawyer to make sure that the process goes smoothly is an extreme necessity. However, as we intend to emphasize, this “I must hire a divorce lawyer” mindset can be misleading and may make things worse rather than improve.

What do divorce lawyers do?
Divorce lawyers are responsible for considering all legal aspects that need to be taken into account when it comes to divorce in accordance with legal tradition. They are prone to child custody and support if the children are involved in marriage and divorce, especially if they are minors. They also help to divide assets and debts between both parties to satisfy each side. To do this, they seek to produce exhaustive documentation, including supporting evidence, and present them to the court. Experienced lawyers have different skills, such as objectivity and attentive listening, as they mainly play the role of divorce lawyer and psychologist.

Why don’t you hire a divorce lawyer?
Divorce lawyers, like many professionals, hide several secrets that might otherwise jeopardize their situation. So, here are some of the secrets you should consider when deciding whether to ask for legal advice from a divorce lawyer:

Divorce lawyers are not as cheap as they may think: if you ask people who have been divorced before, they can shock you with the huge amount of money they lost during the divorce process. More complex divorces actually cost between $10,000 and $30,000. This amount of money can be easily invested elsewhere. Risking $30,000 can jeopardize your future, so it’s a good idea to prioritize and visualize the future before taking actions you may later regret.
It strains not only your wallet, but also your heart: although it is a dramatic way to express it, but the divorce process can significantly affect your psychological and physical health due to the huge number of documents. All of this could have been avoided simply by using other methods rather than hiring a divorce lawyer.
You can divorce yourself: if you can and your relationship with your ex-husband is still somewhat healthy, you can accomplish most of the divorce process yourself. You can peacefully negotiate custody of the child and his support, debt and division of property, without resorting to the services of a divorce lawyer and without losing a huge amount of cash.